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Philadelphia's Sports Life

Sports are a favorite past time to Philadelphians. As there may be many conflicts among the residents of Philadelphia, sports will always bring them together!! There are 5 major professional sport teams that are loved among the locals. Every individual has their favorite, but for the majority everyone supports all the teams. Sports can be found on tv all year round in Philadelphia, it is just a matter of what team if in season.

The 5 major sport teams are as followed:

1. Philadelphia Eagles
2. Philadelphia Phillies
3. Philadelphia Flyers
4. Philadelphia Sixers
5. Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles is the name of the football team that wears green, black and white. The team has been around since 1933.

They have appeared in two superbowls, however, have not one any. The team is currently led by coach, Andy Reid.

Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are the baseball team. Swinging away their bats wearing the red and white stripes, this team has recently won a World Series in the 2008 season, also having won in 1980.

Led, by the fearless Charlie Manuel, the Phillies are an A-class team, and may even be the most loved team in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Flyers

The relentless Fly Guys, in orange, black and white, are the ice hockey team in Philadelphia.

The Flyers are under the care of a new coach, Peter Laviolette. Being part of the 1967 NHL Expansion, the Flyers have been around sine 1967, having won two Stanley Cups since that time.

Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers are the basketball team that represents this wonderful city. 1963 is when the team moved to Philadelphia, and there name was changed to the 76ers.

Since coming to Philadelphia, the 76ers have won 3 championships. They are currently led by coach, Eddie Jordan.

Philadelphia Union

The Philadelphia Union is the newest professional team to Philadelphia.

They are the professional soccer team that now represents Philadelphia. The 2010 is the first season for the Union, wearing their navy blue and gold. They are piloted by coach, Piotr Nowak.

The Philadelphia sports teams are loved by all Philadelphians. If you feel the need to dive into more information, you will find the links to the sport teams below. On the sites you can find: current rosters, schedules, stats, and pretty much on the teams.

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